MapleStorySEA Wiki
Monster Info
Level 15
Type None
EXP 280
HP 2500
MP 1000
Weapon Attack 141
Magic Attack 128
Accuracy 9
Weapon Defense 320
Magic Defense 320
Avoidability 1
Knockback 20
Speed 5
Common Areas Mushmom Forest Trail


Mushmom bears a resemblance to the Orange Mushroom, only bigger. She usually spawns at the bottom of the map and is often hunted for the Ilbis, the 3rd most powerful Throwing Star in the game. By jumping, it can produce a shockwave that causes damage to players who are too close. This shockwave can kill most lower-leveled players in 1 hit. This attack happens after the Mushmom's eyes glint, and can be evaded by jumping before the Mushmom lands.