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Orange Mushroom
Monster Info
Level 6
Type {{{Type}}}
EXP 10
HP 65
MP 10
Weapon Attack 19
Magic Attack 16
Accuracy 4
Weapon Defense 0
Magic Defense 10
Avoidability 0
Knockback 10
Speed 0
Common Areas The Hill North of Henesys

Spore Hill

Caution Falling Down

Abandoned Construction Site

Rocky Wasteland

Shining Forest Path

Where the Forest Starts

Pig Pasture

Way to the Beach

Marbas Strolling Path

Amdusias Strolling Path


Orange Mushrooms are the jumping, evolved form of the Shroom. Do not be fooled by its innocent appearance - it is quite a menace in large numbers. It can be found throughout Victoria Island, especially in the maps adjacent to Six Path Crossway, and on Maple Island. Low leveled players that have a slow weapon attack and low damage (for example, magicians) may find these monsters more difficult; however, most travelers should have no problem with them.