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Hello, and welcome to MapleStorySEA Wiki! It's nice to have you here!

As the wiki's founder, I guide the wiki through it's years of development. Although this task hasn't been completed yet, since MapleStory is releasing new patches all the time, things have been running smoothly so far.

In all my years of Mapling, I have seen hints of new patches. Quite recently, I managed to spot one about an upcoming new patch, seemingly called "Jump". This hint can be found in the PlayPark Newsletter if you have subscribed to have it sent to you via e-mail. In the Playpark Newsletter of January 2011, under "New Content", the MapleStory Episode 3 section says, "Are you all ready to Jump?"

Over the past few days, I have managed to gather information on this patch. Sadly, since this wiki is in its early years of development, I may not be able to post up information about this upcoming patch.

Anyway, regardless of what difficulties lie ahead of us, us Maplers will always stand together.

Happy Mapling!

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